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Hi loves! My name is Shardé, I’m 20 years old and I live in a very tiny country “the Netherlands”. I’ve always been drawn to crystals ever since I was young but I never knew the meaning behind them, I just thought they were very pretty. My family is not into crystals or anything spiritual related, but when I met my boyfriend I was introduced to spirituality for the first time but I didn’t really know what to think about it. A few years later I started looking in to it more and I really loved it. I was learning more about crystals every day and I found it so interesting and I loved learning about all the different properies! Everything inside my heart told me to start a crystal business so... I decided to go with it and bought my first crystals for selling, they were gone in like a week!! I’ve been looking pretty much all my life for something what I really love doing with my whole heart and what makes my soul happy, but I could never find it... so I let go of the pressure I put on myself for finding something and THAT was the moment when I found what I love doing with my whole heart and what makes my soul happy every single day! I want to spread love, positivity and help you guys find your perfect crystals. ??✨

Every crystal has a story to tell, just like we all do in life. Crystals are much more than being pretty, they can change our lives. My ability in spirituality is deepening and it's awakened me in developing further. Sending love, light and magic to you all! ?‍♀️?✨??

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