Orange Rutile Free Form

Verkäufer Magic Souls

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6x4 cm

*Please note she has a damaged tip

The vibrant orange rutiles are quite unusual as they are found in a few fallow fields during the winter months in Brazil.They stimulate creativity, passion, and joy of life, infusing you with energy.

She infuses your spirit with an incredibly pure vibration of Light and Joy. She encourages you to step into our own Spiritual Greatness, and to not stay ‘little’. She can be used to amplify manifestation, helping you to proclaim to the Universe, loud and clear, whatever you most desire. Rutilated Quartz increases your conscious connection to your Angel Guides and reminds you that you are divinely protected. Rutilated Quartz is a crystal for new beginnings, and can help you to start new habits and projects that will bring you happiness. 🧸🧡