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High Quality Trolleite Tower


Trolleite allows us the calmness to explore the clarity and expansiveness of life, the earth, and the universe, so we can connect to our higher consciousness and spirituality. She will help you to live in harmony with others and to solve problems with a clear mind, while protecting you from outside influence to ensure that you can see your own path with clarity. She brings great strength with a blissful state of connected understanding. Trolleite is an amazingly high vibration stone that connects us deeply with our Spirit and Angel Guides and encourages full Awakening. She is a powerful crystal for manifestation, the Trolleite spiritual properties are most useful during moon rituals, vision rituals, and bringing your dreams to reality! When you are planning out your future goals, wear or hold Trolleite to help inspire ideas and develop plans to implement your visions. This Crystal will actively motivate, inspire, and attract opportunities for you to life your very Highest Life.


0.16 KG

13.5 X 3 CM

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