Raw Pink Lithium Points


Pink lithium is a combination of clear quartz with inclusions of lithium. Lithium quartz is a great crystal to bring emotional peace, stress release and relaxation. If you understand the uses of lithium in modern medicine it’s easier to understand how her energy can benefit you!! Lithium is a key ingredient in relaxation and antidepressant medication! When combined with clear quartz, the natural antidepressant properties of lithium are amplified. She can help eliminate you anxieties, worries and stress. She will dispel your fears, and she will lift you out of your depression. Lithium quartz has a very powerful healing energy that resonates with all 7 chakras and can be used to activate and cleanse each one.

Trust us to intuitively choose the right crystal you.

Aprox 6 Grams
Aprox 3 CM

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