High Grade Apophyllite On Blue Chalcedony Base

Verkoper Magic Souls

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0.48 KG

13X9 CM


Apophyllite is an incredibly special crystal! She will help you to calm your mind and raise your vibration. She is all about becoming enlightened to yourself and finding that mental clarity you need to move forward. She connects to you heart chakra so you can open you heart for giving and receiving love and to trust your intuition and magic! She also connects to you third eye and crown chakra so you can find wisdom and so can unlock your own inner gate to the wider cosmic world.  ✨🤎

Blue chalcedony:

Blue Chalcedony is a crystal that aligns and harmonizes your soul, thoughts and senses. She is known for removing negative energies and making both your inner and outer space brighter. She takes you out of fear-based thinking and into sisterhood and generosity.  ✨🤎